Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Odd Habits.

Life has intervened the last few weeks in that way where some of it was awesome (like Death By Fun with brilliant friends and family) and not so awesome - but nothing horrible, just really life. For whatever reason the theme song to "Facts of Life" comes to mind. 

Took a wee bit of a hiatus and have been trying to figure out how best to reenter. Then decided who cares? I started this blog for me, are thrilled some folks actually read it of course, but it's a blog so just jump in. 


My dad and I were catching up on Saturday, and he asked if I'd like to borrow his Miata* since the weather of late has been so lovely. Truly convertible kinda weather. 

I shall approximate my look to him: 

His timing was impeccable, as Sunday was Sister Fun Day with The Bratty One, who lives about 75 minutes away. Had a fantastic day, which was only enhanced in driving his Miata to and fro. 

During the drive I realized that I have adopted some odd habits from my dad:
1. I check gas prices everywhere, and all the time. I love to do it while on vacation as well. 
2. I use my trip odometer in that each time I fill up my tank, I turn it back to 0, so I know mileage, approximately, per tank. 

My dad texts me about 10x/annually with messages that look something like this: "Gas is $x.xx at <station name> on <street>". Normally, the location is 10-15 miles away, so I figure saving $.50/tank to drive that many miles seems a wee bit silly, but no matter if I am going to use this information, I always respond, "Thanks Pops!" - I mean, I don't wanna be rude. 

Here's the hilarious thing: I have started texting him with similar intel. Or calling him, which is what he did prior to having texting capabilities. At dinner Saturday night, we had a conversation about how we both passed 2 stations on the way to supper and one was at $3.01 and the other at $3.04 gallon, but were less than .25 mile apart. 

Yesterday, I was mentioning to Bratty my odd preoccupation with gas prices and she has the same affliction. Further, her friend who was walking with us, mentioned she does the same kinds of things, and it's because her dad is a salesman, who drives a LOT for his job. So I decided perhaps this isn't as odd as I think it is, but wondered - can you pinpoint any oddities you have picked up from your parents, and are now potentially passing on to next generations? 

I figure this is going to be one of the biggest things that (holy buddha, not any time soon - knock on wood - salt over left shoulder) I will miss the most when my dad isn't around. 

Needless to say, today this conversation happened over text:

  • Me: You are the best dad ever. Loving driving baby car about. The drive to and fro Athens on Sun was super fun.
  • Dad: Driving that is a lot of fun. Seemed a shame to waste this lovely weather when I can only drive one of them at a time. 

Word, my parent. Word. 

*-Dad has 3 vehicles currently; two of which are convertibles. He's the only driver. #BoysAndCars

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