Friday, July 5, 2013

Where practical meets silly.

Did you know that cooking burns 3 calories a minute? WOOT! 

For a long time, I was basically scared of cooking. In the "But what if the dish I cook sucks" or "What is blanching anyway?" kind of scared. And then I got over it because most of the time what I cook is only eaten by me (not Spouse - more on that in a different post) so if *I* didn't like it, *I* would just not eat it. Or hold my nose and eat it, depending on how bloody bad is was. 

And then I wasn't scared of cooking and I started doing it more often. Generally on Sunday afternoons, as I like to cook multiple servings and then take them for lunch during the week. I started out pretty basic and then, as my confidence in my mad skillz grew (and as friends would exclaim, "Wow, you *made* that? Cool."), I decided to try even more new things and voila, here we are. 

Tangentially, when I started cooking more, I also started moving more, as in physical exercise. I am what I refer to as fluffy (as in "Ewe's not fat. Ewe's fluffy." Get it? HAR!).  I don't really enjoy sitting around, being a couch potato, as much as I used to and cooking is both productive (meals for the week!) and one of the many ways in which I burn calories. (Note the first line again.).

  • Most of my recipes are not exactly original. I "borrow" liberally from the Interwebz and when I do, I will always give credit where the credit is due. 
  • I don't like to measure unless I really have to, so if you are seriously OCD and <inserts bad German accent here> "every sing must be measured!", you might want to move along - or just click the link to the original recipe. 
  • I only take photos with my iPhone, so don't necessarily judge the dishes on my photos. 
  • I really like garlic. If a recipe calls for one clove, I'm going to add at least two. That's just how I roll. 
  • If I post a dish and it doesn't turn out well, I will still post it. Why? Because in my discussions with other folk, I've discovered that my fear of cooking wasn't just limited to me. I have a few friends who emphatically whine state, "I can't cook." Poppycock. But nothing will convince them differently. I feel like if I am honest and post a crappy result, it might make someone else think, "Hey, that gal ain't all that and a bag of chips. I should try it myself and see if the recipe will turn out for me."
  • I have my own lexicon. No, seriously. I had to put together a primer of sorts due to my unusual verbiage. I'll add definitions where needed so you don't think I'm completely mental. Although, no one would blame you. 
  • I have a warped, slightly snarky yet positive outlook on life. If naughty words bother you, thanks for stopping by. If you do not find 12-year-old humor amusing, have an awesome day! Just so we are all on the same page.
  • I will use organic products as much as is humanly feasible and available, without traipsing across town. 
My goal:
My goal is pretty simple: to post the meals/projects I make, with honest results, in the hopes that another fledgling cook might feel more confident to start making whole foods themselves. Because it is very simple. Not necessarily inexpensive, but I find that with real, whole foods, a little goes a long way. 

I will post at least once a week, more if I cook more often. I hope you enjoy this and stop by to check out what I've been up to. I honestly have no idea what to expect but am willing to see what happens! (Hopefully not this....)

Smell ya later, peeps.