Thursday, January 1, 2015

Oh hai, 2015! How did 2014 goals end up?

Well, hi there. Remember me? #Oops

I'd say I was busy, but my Best Workout Bud detests that word (and I agree - we overuse it). Let's just go with it wasn't you, it was me. I needed some space. And move on. 

Holidays were groovy - too damn fast. New Year's was quite delightful, and filled with just a touch of gluttony (no hangover) and time spent with humans (and a canine) I adore. So what to you say to bringing on 2015? 

But first, since it's the thing to do, a peek back at 2014 - specifically, the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2014. I've added in my year-end progress on the right. 

Areas in which I feel like I got close to or met my goals: wellness, financial and travel. 

Areas in which I need to focus more in 2015: spirit, family, house, professional, travel (we rully srsly need to get our butts to see Mara!). Not necessarily in that order, and not to say I won't be paying attention to the other categories not mentioned. 

I'm also switching up my lingo and instead of goals, I'm going with intentions for 2015. Yes, it might seem minor, especially since I did give myself room to not feel like an ass if I didn't accomplish every single goal on this list. But I think intentions sounds more positive and again, implies that I'm not an asshole if I don't meet every single thing on this list. 

It might also seem selfish or self-centered to count this blog as something in my spiritual bucket, but as silly as it may sound/seem, writing this blog (no matter what the topic of the post is) feeds my spirit. It's a creative outlet for me. I have felt the loss in not posting the last almost two months. Obviously could not still muster the energies to write it but......well, I missed ya. 

The good news is the end of 2014 brought an awesome change in professional situations to something, which to be honest, got mentioned in a conversation at the end of 2013 - so talk about setting an intention and it coming to pass! 

After 26 months of <way too much> ennui, self-doubt and "stuck-ness", am moving to a new role at the university. It's for an area that has interested me for a while and again, mentioned by name even, in a conversation with a trusted friend & mentor at the end of December, 2013. More to come, but I begin this new journey on Monday, January 5, and am genuinely, authentically excited. It has been too long and I'm almost ready for time off to end, so that I can begin! Which that's saying something as I really enjoy *not* working. 

As happens, with the closing of one year, there is reflection, pausing to look back at what has occurred - and regardless of what is now in the rear-view mirror, having hope at the road ahead. 

I try my best to live everyday in gratitude. Some days are easier than others. And the days coming do seem bright. There will be mistakes and missteps made - especially since I'll be with new people, learning all new skills & information - but I trust that whatever mistakes are made are able to be rectified, those with me will understand, and that 2015 is a really good year. Some of the best things I have ever learned have started out as "mistakes". So really, in a manner of speaking, I look forward to those. 

Happy 2015! 
Here's to new years!

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