Friday, September 26, 2014

Last (outside) garden update. #ByeSummer

Garden did ok this year. Central Ohio was truly lucky with a summer than was cooler and less humid than usual. To Spouse and me, it was nearly perfect. I know many were lamenting not having a "real" summer, but it was quite lovely to be able to be outside a bit more and not feel like I couldn't breathe from the high humidity. This white girl just doesn't do humidity (and we got a good fill of it in Florida in June anyways). 

We got "The Blight" on our beefsteaks, which was such a downer as there was so much fruit on each plant (we had one red and one yellow). #SadTomatoesBeingSad


The cherry tomatoes more than made up for the beefsteaks. I'd say, guesstimate b/c I wasn't smart enough to keep a tally, we've had at least 100 baby maters come off of the three plants and at least another 3 dozen still growing. Those plants just keep throwing flowers and budding into little round pearls of red deliciousness. It's really mad how many we're getting. These photos were taken last weekend.....

After Spouse evicted a bug (not sure what kind even!) from our green pepper plants, they both totally rebounded, and happy to say, have 4-5 growing and another half dozen flowers ready to bud out. Apparently, I'm not the only urban gardener in the family!! Thank you, Spouse!
This is one of two pepper plants.
Herbs doing well include rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme, spearmint, mint, garlic chives. Oh and DILL WEED! Again, Spouse, the Urban Gardening Genius, said I should replant the flowers and I did and holy pot of growing dill. I am super excited. And yet, do not have a photo. 

Shallots also going gang-busters, which is fabulous, because I really prefer them to onions when I cook. 

In all, this is what is going to come in the house soon.

Spouse looked *uber* thrilled when I told him what all I'm planning to bring inside.......heh heh heh.

Last weekend, I put dead plants in the yard waste bin and put the leftover dirt to use, by covering over the dirt holes underneath our deck, where we suspect critters are making paths under for cover. In addition to the beefsteak tomatoes, I recycled the stevia, cilantro, basil, lettuce and jalapeno plants + a ponytail palm that had croaked inside. #RIPPlants While it was sad, it was also nice to clean up those pots and get part of our deck back, too. 

I do get a little sad this time of year, as growing begins to wane, leaves change and days lengthen, but I adore autumn, and all that comes with it, so the sadness is fleeting. It's lovely to live in an area where they are (typically) four distinct seasons, and experience each phase. 

One thing I will for sure miss is being able to take little goodie bags to friends and family. Bratty Sister got a buncha stuff last weekend, when I drove down to see her for Sister Fun Day. 
Thyme, oregano, rosemary, mints, garlic chives & shallots for Bratty!
I will even miss this little bugger - probably - eating the black walnuts along our back fence, but bringing it up onto the railing of the deck. Apparently, so he can tell his other little squirrel buds how he dined al fresco.

How do you feel as summer turns into Autumn? 
Are you bringing the outside in this winter?

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