Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 is off to a pretty good start! {knocks on wood}

Have to say, 2015 is starting out fairly well. At least to this point. It is, after all, *only* January 12. 

In short, there's still time for everything to get completely bolloxed. BUT let's focus on the positive, shall we? 

The biggest change for me, personally, is I got a new work gig. Thank the maker(s). Great way to begin a year, with a huge change like this, and I'm so enjoying myself. I have gone from literal zero to Super Duper Light Speed, in terms of things to do during my day, but it's fantastic. And kinda scary. But more fantastic than scary so far. I really needed this change and things aligned nicely to make it happen. Patience is a good virtue to have, just not an easy virtue to possess all the time - a nice lesson to remember on days when I'm not doing well in the patience department. 

I wrote about how my goals for 2014 fared in the last post - and also mentioned the shift in language that I wanted to make, i.e. go from Goals to Intentions. 

There is a hidden meaning in the word Goal. If you have ever watched a futbol / soccer game, and heard a very excitable commentator holler "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!", you get how incredible reaching a goal is and how one goal can literally change a game. That's a lot of pressure to put on ones' self. It isn't like I'm building a rocket that is going to Mars or anything.

Whereas Intentions sets you on a path, but seemingly allows for life to intervene and possibly have that intention change into something better or possibly, wipe it away. 

The definition of intention from Google is:

plural noun: intentions
  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.
  2. "she was full of good intentions"

A thing intended. An aim or plan. Now that I can live with - especially if my aim is off a skosh. 

So here is how my intentions look for 2015: 

Added a few more intentions for 2015 than I had in 2014 - which was intentional, uh, pardon the pun. I felt I did a decent job last year, and honestly, I do have more that I wish to accomplish this year so why not list everything and see what I can do? I might will surprise myself.

Since I dropped 3% body fat last year, I think 5% this year is attainable. I have a good system in place now, have accountability partners to keep me honest, and it needs to happen.  

There are a few items under professional which I have listed but haven't talked about here - yet. Posts to come, but the short story for now is I worked with Jill of Abundant Finances last year and wrote a little about her when I posted an update to  my 2014 second quarter goal, as well. She was so generous with her time, that she allowed me to expand from *just* finances, to life planning. And hence, came two of the intentions I have set for 2015. 

My air arrangements to The 'Shire at end of February were booked on Friday (yes, booked for me - I so fancy - and spoiled!), so that's a total go. 

Spouse was supposed to phone Mara's dad this weekend but we ran outta time. That HAS TO HAPPEN. Seriously, if that doesn't happen this year, everyone has permission to shame me publicly on as many platforms as you have access to - not even remotely joking on this. And for those of you who do know Spouse - same dealio.

The rest are self-explanatory and I'll check in with myself / this blog each quarter as to where I am. 

Being a positive person, I always begin the year with hope. The calendar is a random creation, so it's arbitrary and temporal - but, still a demarcation that is easy to track. 

I hope you have some intentions set for yourself in 2015. If you don't have accountability set in your goals or intentions or whatever word you use, but would like one - feel free to let me know. Either comment below or email me at anamcara (at) with your name, email, goal for 2015 and if you have an end date other than December 31, 2015 - and I'll keep you honest. 

Happy 2015, folks!

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