Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crafty Nerds, Beer Nerds, Hockey Nerds - and Lunches This Week (#8)

This past weekend was oodles of fun, and jam-packed too. I always feel at the end of the weekend, that I really need just one.more.day, and this weekend was a perfect example of why. 

Saturday dawned with beautiful spring weather: sunny, low humidity, temps in the 70s in the afternoon, light breeze, everything blooming and leafing, and just gorgeous. My trainer & friend was out of town, so I used it as excuse to not work out, and instead go to breakfast and to our favorite crafty show, Craftin' Outlaws

Spouse & I spent about 3 hours shopping, and seeing some of our favorite vendors and friends. Had dance time with AmyD and her partner-in-crime, which was fabulous. Saw some new things. Stocked up on soaps (thanks to Cellar Door Soap & Skin and Barmaid Soap Company). Bought some prezzies. Went overbudget (oops) but got this treasure, which invoked much jealousy from The Bratty One:
Spouse named her Goldie for me.
Purchased from Happy Bungalow.

In general worked that convention center room.
Red leather wrap bracelet courtesy of vintageliz.

Then went across the street to perennial fave, North Market and visited our spirit nerds at The Bottle and Barrel for beer tasting, and a purchase by Spouse. 

The night before we had chillaxed with some beer-nerd friends at Four String Taproom, and discovered that the brewery cracks a barrel-conditioned firkin every Saturday, and that week's version was their Suncaster Wheat infused tangerine and vanilla bean. So we made that our next stop, and so.glad.we.did. 

The beer was off the hook yummy. Just tilting the glass up to take a draught was scrumptious because of the ever-so-light-and-lovely scent of vanilla bean. Easily could have had more than one pint, but held to that. Four String is open Thursday-Saturday and you should check it out. They really just have their beer (and water, of course), and a food truck out front. Friday was OH! Burger (yum!) and Saturday was Ajumama (didn't have but smelled yummy). 

That night we went to RBar to watch our own Columbus Blue Jackets log their VERY.FIRST.PLAYOFF.WIN! Met up with friends, made new ones, cheered a lot. #Epic.

Sunday was less gallivanty - we basically did household, yard and cooking chores all day. Felt awesome to be busy inside and out, but a third weekend day would have been ideal, so we could have chillaxed a wee bit more. Owel. 

Lunches this week:
Monday - had a protein shake with greens supplement, as we went to Game 3 of the Blue Jackets / Pittsburgh Penguins series. Incredible atmosphere and 40 minutes of hockey. Unfortunately, the game is 60 minutes. Wah. Onward and upward, boys!!!!

Tuesday - 1 cup of bibb lettuce with 1 oz bleu cheese, 1/2 c. Thai Kitchen rice noodles with a 1/2 cup from new batch of Marcella Hazan's amazing tomato sauce. If I'm still hungry, brought a cup of  homemade yogurt and have maple granola from Green B.E.A.N. delivery. 

Wednesday - will have a protein shake and greens supplement, as Game 4 of hockey play-offs will be here. Will be a crucial game. <fingers crossed>

Thursday - 1 cup of bibb lettuce with 1 oz of a cheese, yogurt with peaches I uncovered (literally) from the freezer, serving of spinach/quinoa/kale/wild rice/feta casserole.

Friday - celebrating my 25th high school reunion this weekend. Egads on the number, but super siked to see my classmates. There's a lunch at the school, so heading east for that. 

This weekend will be equally cuckoo with events at the school again on Saturday, social events Saturday evening just with my classmates and their spouses/partners, overnight guests including (one of) my super talented cousin(s) and his beautiful wife. 

Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week! And.......


Vendors we purchased items from, chatted with, friends we hugged at Craftin' Outlaws.... please to visit their sites and purchase awesome artisan/hand-crafted goodness (in no order at all, because each is fabulous):
- ReTee
- Jennifer Sadler Designs
- The Lab Partners
- Cellar Door Soap & Skin (we even approve of Jessica although she is a Red Wings fan :) )
- Barmaid Soap Company
- What The Rock?! - if you are in Cbus, visit their brick & mortar location on 1194 N. High St. 
- The Social Dept
- AmyD
- vintageliz
- Happy Bungalow - makers of the the above awesome Goldie!!
- Conquest Maps
- Tweedle Swamp Pottery (they don't have a website)
- Kate Funk
- Alison Rose
- No Place Like Nerd
- my chimelle
- Columbus Barrel Co
- MadKnits
- Fox Designs Jewelry
- Buck and Libby - Megan made this for me and Spouse, for his Valentine's Day prezzie.

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  1. I'm so jealous Jenn. I've been checking out the site of the Craftin' Outlaws show for awhile now and wanted to come down. But life as it is would not allow that. Sounds like you had a blast. Miss you guys.