Monday, September 15, 2014

hi·a·tus: (noun) a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

Well. Didn't mean to take a hiatus of *quite* that length, but well, you know. Life. 

Been a weird few weeks, I'll be honest, but here we are. You and me. What's been going on? 

Dublin Irish Fest hanging out with We Banjo 3, and friends (one was very much new!) 

Gearing up for hockey season at some fan events. Go Columbus Blue Jackets!! #WeAreThe5thLine

 Gallivanting about this summer.....
such a wonderful summer we had here in Central Ohio. 

Garden is still in full swing....more on that soon, but took some of the nuggets on the left to make the deliciousness that is on the right.

I live in - and love - Ohio.

Attended the Summer BeerFest with my brother-in-law, his lovely lady, Spouse's cousin & Spouse. Had a seriously fun time and tried some wicked delicious brews. 

Tried my hand at homemade summer rolls. YUM. 
These were try #3, hence don't look like a drunk hobo rolled them (like tries #1 & #2).

Kitty-sat for a friend who paid me in craft beer. This one was fantastic!!! 

 Spouse & I went out to watch first Ohio State football game and he snapped this pic. Awwwww!

Spouse's 25th high school reunion happened and his two BFFs from those days were in town. Chris on far left, and Al on far right. 
I love all three of these men, so verra, verra much. 

Been at the gym a fair amount. 
When I am not hanging with my trainer, other trainers put me and my buddies to work. Ouch. But a good kind of ouch.

Found something interesting on the back way home from friend's. 

Shrum Mound, an Adena monument. 


That time we found out Spouse is actually a medical anomaly.
He's fine, I promise, but even more special than we knew!

Getting ready for an event on September 27th
If you like baked goods and/or philanthropy for a great local cause, 
you should come visit me at Grandvew Grind between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. that day. 

 Another beer fest with beer nerd friends. 
Then dinner with same lovely friends at a local place that made 
a wonderful bowl of shrimp and grits. 


More to be written soon, but HI! 
I'm back. All is well. Hope the same for you!

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