Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Second Quarter Goal Review

Not doing too bad, if I do say so myself. Always room for improvement, but definitely making progress, which is really cool to see in writing. 

Here's how the list looks as of today:

Wellness - My body has decided that it's not liking dairy products of late, so I've gone dairy free. Spouse and I are both deeply amused that it's not been harder for me. I mean, July *is* National Ice Cream Month and all, but the two visits we've made to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream I've had their sorbets, which are so satisfying. I will say, we made make-your-own burritos last night at home, and I did miss dairy in those, but other than that, haven't been too bad. 

The other delightful result is I've dropped 5 lbs so far this month, and really have to point to dairy-free (and adding some juices in too - more on that in another post). 

All other wellness goals are good. Spirit goals are also in process. I joined Pinterest two months ago (or so) - yep, finally caved - and so created a secret board as my vision board. I'm digging it. 

Family goals - still there. Need to see my Granny next month for sure, as The Sassy One turns 94 years young. Still has all of her original parts and most of her marbles (it's not like any of us started with a full set....). I swear she's going to outlast all of us. She used to ride her stationary bike 10 miles a day, but has cut back to 5 miles or so a day,, yeah. She's hard core like that. 

Side note: it's breakfast burrito night. WOOT!

House - we've been traveling enough and having house guests with enough regularity that we've done zip. But it's still there and doing fine, so all is well. 

Financial - I worked with a financial/life coach during the Spring and folks, seriously, SHE IS SO WORTH IT! First, Jill is a delightful human being - very funny, very down to earth, so she made everything FUN. Second, she's wicked smart, organized, easy to work with, knows her sutff. I hear her voice popping up to say, "Yes but you were also committed to the program....", and it's true I really was. But doubtful it would have been as successful without her fantastic personality, and her help. So I have a fantastic working plan, which I've been sticking to for the last 4 months, and even after our calls have ended (sad face), I'm sticking with it. 

Abundant Finances - check them out. Maybe you have some debt you want to knock out and aren't sure how. Maybe you just want to come up with an awesome plan for how to buy a house or car with cash, or maybe you just need to learn how to deal with money. Jill is your gal. 

Travel - WE MUST GET TO BOSTON to see our god-daughter. No ifs, ands, or buts. And with our trip to Florida in June resulting in flight coupons with Southwest, we just need to find dates and book it. We are horrible god-parents, clearly and honestly, feel horrible about it. 

I have saved Professional to last. Mainly, because in the ennui I mentioned a few posts back, and in my work with Jill, I think I may have actually figured out what I want to be when I grow up. 

I'm going to be a total meanie, and not say what yet, because it's still new, and I'm still working on the plan, but soon. I've never allowed myself the luxury of exploration in this area - one of the drawbacks in being a Jack of All Trades - and well, it's scary, but the good kind. 

I promise I will share, fully, so hang in there with me. This also accounts for a two-week-ish hiatus from blogging. I've been ruminating, researching, talking, etc. 

In short, pleased with my progress, and to have the accountability of the list to work with. I don't review it very often, to be fair, but when I do, it's nice to see and know that I am making some progress. 

How are you doing with your goals this year? 
Do you take stock throughout the year?
Anybody else totally freaking out that it'll be AUGUST next week? Jeesh.

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