Friday, July 11, 2014

Garden Update: It's a Jungle Out There.

People. My garden has gone wacko crazy with growth. It's really beyond words. 

Cherry Maters:
The three cherry tomato plants yielded six pearls of redness this week. I haven't yet tried them, because I have them in a bowl in the smack middle of our kitchen island, so I can marvel at my garden genius. But there are at least three dozen cooking on the vines. I'm pretty excited. 

The plants are also taller than me. Granted, I am what you call Vertically Challenged, but still. 


Beefsteak tomatoes:
There are at least 6 greenies each on the vines of the red and the yellow plants. 

Jalapeno peppers:
There are 19 already growing and still about a half dozen flowering. I got one pepper last year. ONE!

Green peppers:
Finally repotted these bad boys. Each plant has one pepper on it. 

I'm especially happy about the rosemary and lavender growing, but the mint, oregano, thyme, basil, cilantro, dill, and garlic chives are all gang-busters. Need to do some harvesting of them too. 

The only thing that's not doing well is my stevia plant but it's my fault. Haven't been giving it enough water. 
The oregano and thyme gets cut off on the right side. 

I am going to have an awesome harvest of lettuce this weekend.

Bunching onions:
Honestly, I need to read a little more about when it's ok to harvest these bad boys. I'm thinking I'm close to that time. 

I'm really excited at the prospect of homemade salsa totally from my own garden, and have to admit to watching over my tomatoes, wishing they'd ripen faster. I'm sure I'll revisit that when everything ripens at the same time and there is a dearth of salsa at the Chez. May have to plan a little dinner party with a Mexican theme.....we'll see. 

For the gardeners out there, how are your patches doing? 

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