Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lunches This Week (#16 & 17): Back to Business.

Spouse & I had a family wedding the weekend before this past one, and extended it, to take advantage of being near to other family members.....the Adventure update coming.....needless to say, with all of the travel and re-entry into "Real Life", life was a wee bit bollixed last week. 

Lunches last week were a total hodgepodge, enough that I contemplated just not even bringing it up, but....in the interest of the high quality journalism you've come to expect from this blog. <ahem>

Week #16: The Foraging. And we shall leave it at that, eh? 

This week though - Week #17: Back to Business. 

In yesterday's Garden Update post, I alluded to using some of the herb harvest from Sunday in Sunday's and Monday's lunches. The Kitchen Sink Stir-Fry I threw together for this week turned out as well as Week #11

My method is simple: whatever veggies I have in the crisper / veggie-fruit bowl on the counter / misc. lying about is what I chop up and throw into the wok. Not to mention, whatever random sauces I have too. Great way to use up those last bits of things, just so you don't feel like a heel throwing away perfectly good food. 

This week's case, I had a red pepper, and about 1/4 lb of rainbow carrots + a quart of crimini mushrooms in the crisper, and had picked up more bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. 

As far as sauces, I used Annie's Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce, Tamari's Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, Trader Joe's Sweet Chili Sauce, and good ol' sriracha. Additions not shown: 4 cloves of minced garlic, 1/4 c. chicken stock (could substitute veggie stock or filtered water) too. 

Just realized I didn't take any photos in the cooking process, so I'll just use words. I was way too hungry Sunday to think about it at the time, is all I can think. 

- heated up some olive oil in my wok until it was hot. 
- added the carrots which I had sliced into coins, covered the wok and let them steam for about 8 minutes.
- added the chopped red pepper, covered, and let them steam with the carrots for about 4 minutes.
- added bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, covered, steamed for 4 minutes.
- added a dollop of Annie's Worcestershire sauce and Trader Joe's Chili Sauce, and mixed it into the veggies.
- added a dash of gluten free soy sauce and sriracha, and mixed it into the veggies. 
- just before serving, I added in four-finger grabs of the garlic chives, chiffonade of basil and cilantro.
Basically, wing it until it's done. It's stir-fry.....

Lunches This Week - #17
Sunday lunch: I served over rice noodles, and added a bit more cilantro on top.
Monday lunch: I served over 1 cup of my homegrown mixed greens (BOOYAH!). I had added even more basil, cilantro and garlic chives, because I could. Then had my cup of homemade yogurt and whole frozen strawberries (they were delightfully mushy and saucy by lunchtime....).

Both days were really delicious, I must say. 

Tuesday: a square of my old stand-by Spinach Feta Quinoa Wild Rice Casserole + 1.5 cups of homemade yogurt with 1 c. frozen pears. 

I still have half of the red pepper, rainbow carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots & water chestnuts from Sunday's stir-fry prepped in the frig and today is veggie bin day!!! I have more mushrooms, plus celery, kale, and green beans coming, so will whip up another batch of stir-fry for the rest of the week. 

Plus add yogurt and fruit, and peeked out at garden this morning, and looks like there is some lettuce ready to harvest again!!!!!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 1 cup of veggie stir-fry and fresh herbs over 1 cup of mixed greens; 1 cup homemade yogurt + 1 cup fruit. 

It's the most wonderful time of the season: cherries are ready!!!!!! I picked up 5 lbs. at the store last night, so see a lot of processing this week. Also have pears, blackberries & blueberries coming in my veggie bin, so what I don't eat fresh, I'll flash freeze

I posted the pic of cherries on my Facebook page last night and loads of people are also huge fans, so I am clearly not alone. 

For what other summer fruits do you wait with impatience?

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