Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Update: Holy Growing, Batman!

I don't know about y'all, but my garden is going ape shit. Everything is growing like it's on MiracleGro The Godzilla Version - it's not of course, but still. Spouse was completely correct in suggesting I move everything to the middle-ish of the patio, even though it means pots are sort of in the way of enjoyment of the deck furniture. All of the plants get so much more sun every day! 

Anyhoo, photographic evidence. 

These are even taken last week - at least the ones of the actual pots. I did some herb harvesting yesterday, and I'll show you haul pics below. 

Photos as of June 18:
 My two beefsteak tomatoes are on the left and in the middle. 
My three cherry tomato plants are the bigger pot on the right. 
The cherry tomatoes were up to my forehead at that point. 

 Medium pots in the back, from left to right: 
cilantro, garlic chives, (and in one pot) oregano and thyme.
Small pots from left to right, starting with brown: 
rosemary, lavender, scallions (in green coffee tub), stevia, spearmint, sweet mint.

 Trying to highlight my basil (in light green pot) and dill in white pot.

 My two jalapeno plants on the left, and bunching onion on the right. 

My three lettuce plants: before harvest on left, after harvest on far right, 
with the harvest in the middle. About 3 cups total. 

At that point, there were a few nubbins that will be jalapenos; beginnings of some beefsteaks; and about 18-20 little baby cherry tomatoes. It's very exciting!!!!!!

As mentioned above, yesterday, I did harvest some of the herbs so here is photographic evidence of that. 

As of June 22: For scale purposes, my kitchen/herb shears are approximately 10" long and 3" wide at the handles, and the bowls are your standard dinner bowls - 8" or real close.




 Garlic Chives

I harvested both the spearmint and sweet mint, without separating them, 
so it's just the Mint Pile. 

The garlic chives, cilantro, and basil will make an appearance in Lunches This Week. I'm still ruminating on what lunch will be tomorrow.....didn't get to the store, so don't have my whole plan more to come on the specifics. But lunch yesterday and today, was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

I have to say, I feel like a completely badass, being able to already eat things out of my garden. I can't wait until the tomatoes and peppers are ready to rock. Spouse is already supa siked for homemade salsa and it's not like we don't have enough cilantro. 

How are your gardens doing? 
Any successes? 
Any fails so far? (I'm waiting....there's bound to be something that croaks on me....). 

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