Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lunches This Week (#15)

This is going to be a short post. Partially because #DeathByFun - The NYC Edition happened and because #DeathByFun - The Florida Family Wedding Edition is still to come. 

But here goes:

Monday - part of #DeathByFun - The NYC Edition, and was more of a brunch, than lunch. I had half of a toastie with Madrange ham, Gruyere cheese, sliced Roma tomatoes, and sliced avocado. Plus a few bites of a delicious croissant. YUM. 

Tuesday - 2 cups of mixed greens, five vegetarian grape leaves with some of the brine as dressing. Six strawberries. 

Wednesday - 2 cups of greens FROM MY GARDEN. OH YEAH! I know I'm pretty biased, but they were really tasty. Soft but flavorful. I am a gardening genius!!!!!!
The garden is going cuh-razee right now. I'll have to take pics when I get home form our trip, and post them. It's kind of hilarious. 

I took a bag of frozen grapes out of the freezer to be part of Wednesday's lunch, but here's a life hint: do not store frozen grapes next to frozen hot peppers. It does not turn out well. #TheMoreYouKnow

Thursday - 2 more cups of lettuce FROM MY GARDEN, which I harvested last night. Still have more that I can harvest when I get home. 

Cleaned out the veggie bin at home last night (thanks for the idea, Tam!), and created a faux Thai stir-fry with rainbow carrots, crimini mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & garlic; then the sauce was Annie's Worcestershire Sauce, Sriracha, Trader Joe's Sweet Chili Sauce, thinned with a just a bit of water. 

Added a nice handful of cilantro FROM MY GARDEN to the top and also a cup of chopped cucumber. It's pretty damn delicious, I have to say and I'll post the formal recipe later. 

Friday - Spouse will be on a boat, fishing, somewhere off of the coast of Fort Myers Beach, with his brothers, his dad, presumably his uncle, and who knows. I will more than likely be pool-side, and lunch will involve something fruity with an umbrella, and some food. Granted pool-side for me means floppy straw hat, and SPF 60 liberally applied every hour, as I don't tan so much as turn lobster. (The joys of being slightly pale blue.)

Next week's edition of Lunches This Week will be even briefer, and also late, like if I get a chance to post Wednesday, it'll be a Christmas miracle. But stay tuned and thanks for hanging in with me, between time away and ennui!

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