Monday, June 2, 2014

Ennui, and Lunches This Week (#14)

A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.

The state of being inert; disinclination to move or act. 

I am experiencing states of Ennui and Inertia of late. It sucks. Professionally speaking, these have been my homes for the last few, uh, years, due to leadership changes, etc. I get it, I do. I also get that existentially, "my" job isn't "my" job - it is the position of my employer, and thus, it is up to them what I do, or do not. 

However, at a certain point, no matter how zen, how chipper, how chill with life one is - it gets to you. And this is where I am. 

<Le sigh>. I am not looking for pity, I swear. It's mostly just to give the heads' up that if posts seem a wee bit uninspired, well, I do apologize and am most certainly looking for inspiration to share, I promise!

I don't like these feelings at all. No one likes a crabby Jen less than Jen, you can trust me on this. 

I do have some exciting adventures that Spouse & I have had of late, and some upcoming, including the next two weekends. But today. Aujourd'hui, tout ce qu'il y a, est ennui et rien qu'ennui. (Somehow discussing ennui makes it sound more high brow in French.)

So to as not take up more of your time, I present lunches this week, episode #14 and I have to say, I am pretty excited by my lunches this week!!!

Spouse & I engaged in an epic spate of errands yesterday. We did super quick strikes of 3 stores, including Trader Joe's, which if you have ever been a Trader Joe's know sometimes a quick strike isn't possible. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes. BOOM! Achievement unlocked. It helps that I had a list prepared, and we managed to get in a check-out with a small line, but still. 

Since recently discovering the joy that it the Trader Joe's brand of Dolmas (vegetarian grape leaves), I got 4 cans. And I had gotten two bags of greens in last week's veggie bin, so enter: grape leaf salads. YUM!

Monday: 2 cups of mixed greens, 6 vegetarian grape leaves with 1-2 tablespoons of the marinade drizzled over, 1/2 cup of my delicious yogurt/avocado/dill dressing from a few weeks' ago (this week, I did have tomatoes so didn't use carrots and did add a tomato). Plus a cup of homemade Greek yogurt + 1 cup of strawberries.

Tuesday: same as Monday.

Wednesday: have a new colleague starting today so a small group of us are going to lunch with him on Wednesday. 

Thursday: same as Monday. 

Friday: same as Monday. See ennui translates to lunches this week.....except that lunch is delicious and nutritious. 

Anybody else in the throes of ennui? 
What plans do you have to combat it?

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