Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where Spouse Gets Fired, By Me. [Lunches This Week (#13)]

I adore my Spouse. No one on the planet can dispute this fact, even after only a few minutes in our general area. We ooze schmoopiness. Not to say that we are gross as far as PDA, but there's hand-holding and such. Light PDA, if you will.


When I say, Spouse got FIRED yesterday (Memorial Day, so not from his job or anything super crazy like that), it is not without cause. 

Allow me to set the scene: I had stayed up way, super duper late, re-reading book 6 of my favorite series, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, ('til, uh, 3 a.m.) so yesterday, by late morning I required a bit of a siesta.

Spouse inquired, "What time do you want to be up?" and I replied, "1 p.m. and I'll just hop in the shower, so I am ready to roll with whatever."

1 p.m. rolls around, I get myself outta bed, in the shower, dolled up all nice and cute, and go downstairs. 

There is *no one* in the house. By *NO ONE*, I mean Spouse and our delightful house-guest for the week, Reverend Al, one of Spouse's oldest & dearest friends. 

They are both gone. 
There is no note on the board on the frig, indicating where they are. No note anywhere.
Rev. Al's rental car is also gone. 


I send text to Spouse: "Where are you?". No reply. 
So I take to social media and find out, those rat bastards have not only decamped for food, but food AND beer


Honestly, I wasn't as mad about the food and beer, as I was that there was no note, no text, nuthin' saying where they'd gone. I won't go all drama-ey and say I imagined them dead on the road side somewhere but it is fairly off-putting, and freaky, to expect inhabitants in one's domicile, and come downstairs to none. 

Since I was starving, by the time they arrived back home, I decided to cook myself something. Something ended up being a batch of Marcella Hazan's Simplest Tomato Sauce EVER, and polenta. It really hit the spot. 

Not to mention, since I wasn't required to share <AHEM>, I had enough for one lunch this week, as well as lunch yesterday. 

So Lunches This Week - Lucky No. 13

Monday, May 26 - 1.5 cups of Marcella Hazan's Easiest Tomato Sauce EVER + 1.5 cups of Food Merchants Basil Garlic polenta.

Tuesday, May 271.5 cups of Marcella Hazan's Easiest Tomato Sauce EVER + 1.5 cups of Basl Garlic polenta, 1 cup of homemade Greek yogurt + 1 cup of fresh sliced strawberries. 

Wednesday, May 28 - going out to lunch with two colleagues, one of whom has her last day here on Friday. Sad face but very happy for her (she deserves a lot better!). 

Thursday, May 29 - defrosted section of my newest favorite spinach/kale/wild rice/quinoa casserole, 1 cup homemade Greek yogurt + 1 cup fruit, probably fresh pair, which will be in my veggie bin today!!

Friday, May 30 - defrosted section of my newest favorite spinach/kale/wild rice/quinoa casserole, 1 cup homemade Greek yogurt + 1 cup fruit. In addition to pears, I have bananas, peaches and blueberries coming in my veggie bin, so options......

*-It goes without saying, that of COURSE, all was forgiven. Especially after Spouse bought me a Lemon Tree, which is a newly discovered treat that is half Crispin Original Hard Cider and half Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer. NUMMY. Thank you, Spouse!

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