Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fails in Baking.

Back in July, 2013, when I started this blog, I said I'd post things, even if they are epic fails. Today is your lucky day, reader, because you get not just one epic fail but TWO. And both in apple tarts. Not sure if the universe is sending me a signal, or I'm just that big of a dork but here goes. 

Epic Fail #1: The Gluten Free Crust
I had gotten a gluten free crust mix, and here's the *true* epic fail: I have no recollection of what kind, and apparently didn't take a photo. Huh. But totally followed the instructions and this is what it looked like prior to baking: (it looks like I know what I'm doing, eh?)
I used organic red delicious apples, 4 of them, and sliced them into generally even slices, then mixed them with butter, cinnamon, demerra sugar, and used a layer of chopped pecans between the crust and the filling. 

This is what it looked like cooking in the oven, after I had turned up the edges. You can already see how crumbly the crust is.....

Even cooled down, just completely fell apart, so really more of an apple crumble. Was still quite tasty, I must say.

Epic Fail #2: Too Much Butter
In some universes, too much butter is not an epic fail. However, I totally went overboard and also didn't use any nuts between the crust and the filling. Also, totally cheated and used pre-made-and-rolled crusts. 

Way too much butter to combine with apples, but also included the cinnamon, turmeric (odd, I realize, but it really brings out the cinnamony goodness - you should try it!), vanilla, brown sugar this time and ginger. 
Looks good. Smells good. Tasted pretty good. Then, I combined it into a tart and put it in the oven to bake. (Again, it looks like I know what the hell I'm doing, but...)

Here's where $hit got real. Checked on it after 15 minutes and the totally flat (i.e. no lip) baking sheet had butter very close to multiple edges. As it was my largest baking sheet, I had to tilt it so it would drip in the second pan, as there was no lifting it onto another pan. It was also at this point, that I remembered why I had used the layer of crushed mitigate the crust from totally falling apart. My crust basically melted with too much butter.  

Next step was me, just totally destroying the "tart", by mixing it all up and then using the second pre-made-and-rolled crust sheet to soak up as much butter as possible. I ripped the second crust into small pieces and mixed it in, then put it all back in the oven to continue cooking until "done". 

Again, it was tasty, but it didn't look so nice. This version was more of an apple mush, than a crumble. 

Owel. Live and learn, as they say. "They" being normal people, who cook from recipes and actually review them, before diving in. 

I didn't take any photos of the finished products because I didn't want evidence. Hopefully me documenting the ginourmous fails is good enough for a laugh. I suspect it'll be the fall until I try it again, and really hope Third Time is the Charm. 

'Fess up: what's been an epic fail for you lately?
It'll make me feel better :)

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  1. Jen: I don't see how on earth Epic Failure #1 could be counted as such. It looks wonderful and bet it tasted better than that. Who cares if it stayed in one piece? You're going to cut it up anyway!