Friday, April 18, 2014

First Quarter Review

March was indeed fairly awesome - especially when compared to January and February. I thought this would be a good juncture to check-in with my 2014 Intentions and see how I'm doing!

The following are updates on my daily fitness goals, which are to have at least 5 flights of steps logged, at least one mile walked/run for exercise, and at least 8 sessions with personal trainer & friends (or at least 8 sessions at the gym). 

  • 1 day of not reaching goal of 5 flights of steps
  • 66.5 miles walked/run for exercise (my unoffical 5k was a walk I took with my friend, Sydney, around Occom Pond in Hanover, NH). 
  • 4 sessions with my personal trainer & buddies
  • 8 days of not reaching goal of 5 flights of steps (but then I also had an ear infection + cold + flu for part of the month)
  • 60.5 miles walked/run for exercise
  • 2 sessions with my personal trainer & buddies (see excuse for flights of steps missing)
  • Spouse & I were signed up for a 5k in February, but I overslept and we literally missed it by minutes. Still got our packets though and walked that day on our own. 
  • 2 days of not reaching goal of 5 flights of steps
  • 78.87 miles walked/run for exercise (19.75 were during the time period for the Luck of the Irish Run)
  • 8 sessions with my personal trainer & buddies (although 2 were 30-minute solo sessions)

Below are the intentions I set up for myself at the beginning of 2014, with notes on progress made. I asked Spouse to grade my burrito making so far. 

Could be doing worse, could be doing better. I'll be honest: January and February took the wind outta my sails. I am just starting to feel less meh, and interested to be goal-oriented with these goals. 

I also know I'll be seeing Granny (and a lot of my mom's family) in a few weeks. Also be seeing Spouse's dad's family in June (which wasn't on the original list) + getting to see my NH Lovelies again in June, although this time we are meeting up in NYC (which also means, I'll get to see my groovy friend, Yessica, and possibly some other NYC area friends!!!!). 

It's also a good reflection to be gentle with myself, and realize that it's not complete slacking that's involved, and also to note that I am making progress in areas. Reminder: it was never my intention to say I WILL DO ALL OF THESE THINGS! More of a, here is what I'd like to accomplish....

There's always room for improvement, I always say.

I'll check in again in July and see what progress I may have made since April. Looking forward to it!

Did you set any intentions for 2014? 
Have you taken stock of progress?

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