Friday, May 2, 2014


One of Spouse's dearest friends, Reverend Al, goes on jags of time he titles "Death By Fun", which generally involve a LOT of activities crammed into a short amount of time, with little sleep in-between. I feel that is a great definition of what the last few weeks have been, and this weekend was no exception. 

I was celebrating a milestone of a high school reunion. Twenty-five years. Ouch. 

After this much time, with college, life, careers, kids for some, partners for most, and a crap ton of time to become who we are, it's a rare treat to re-meet and re-connect with these dynamic, soul-full, funny, wicked smart women. 

Saturday night, we had a private gathering for us and our partners. It was a small gathering - only 11 of us - but just like being back in the Senior Commons - laughing, talking over everyone, being snarky, trying to decide whose memories were better (GBB & KEG, you win!), and generally freaking out the three very brave partners in the room, for sitting through it (albeit with adult beverages in hand). 

The gathering also prompted memories of a dear friend we lost too soon, and some plans to memorialize her in the brand-new, state-of-the-art theater that just opened, and is amazing. Just this morning, another classmate, MM, came up with the best verbiage possible, and the whole endeavour has sent me on a trip to Nostalgia Land, complete with a few tears shed. We sure miss you, Meg. 

Next up was hosting my super cool and talented cousin and his lovely wife for two nights as they were coming to visit with my 93.5 years young Granny. Had a fabulous time with them, and hope to visit again soon (either here or with them, in Nashville, TN). 

What else? 

Final hockey game of season for our awesome team, The Columbus Blue Jackets. Holy cow - a great end to an incredible season. My wrists still have not recovered from the clapping, high-fiving, fist-pumping, and general antics. 

Mini family reunion, again centered around our Matriarch, my Granny. My uncle from Florida came up with his wife and youngest son. My aunt & uncle from Tennessee were also visiting. Bratty Sister and her Spouse made the trek from their corner of Ohio as well. Also got to see my aunt who lives close by and is the primary helper to Granny, plus one of her sons, his wife & little girl. 
My lil Granny being escorted by her son, my Uncle. 
It was a really fun day, reconnecting with my family. I hope my Granny had fun too. It's a rare treat to get all of us this close in space and time. 

So really lunches this week were just off
  • Monday was a protein shake, since we had hockey game that night. 
  • Tuesday was leftovers from Saturday night party grub (crab cakes, tomato bruschetta). Wednesday was family lunch at an asian buffet so small helpings of a few things. I did indulge in some most likely chemical laden cocktail of banana vanilla wafer pudding thing. Damn it was tasty. 
  • Thursday was a protein shake because tummy was apparently taking revenge for something. Spouse says I have the stomach of a cat. I wish I could deny such things. 
  • Today, Friday, will be some yogurt and granola. This afternoon we hit the road for points south for more family fun, which I'll write about next week. 
Even though, I'll be honest, the last week has left me low in energy reserves, I have to say, constant reminders of how lovely my life is. From classmates who continue to enrich my existence, to family who remind me of how valuable silliness, connections and love are, to an amazing hockey team which reminded me of this really cool city in which we live - I really am one seriously lucky woman.  


  1. Yes. You're doing it right. Proceed and/or continue.

  2. Thank you, sir!! And more to come this month too :)