Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Please Stay On Path. More or Less.

If age has taught me anything, it is to truly expect the unexpected. Hopefully, with an open heart and mind; lacking that, at least some patience. I'd be lying if I said it always goes with a zen-like attitude,  but it is for what I strive. 

In creating my list of goals for 2013, I started putting together a list of goals for 2014 in December, and referred to it a few times until 2014 was right.there. I think it's always a struggle in putting together a list like that; one wants to be optimistic and challenge oneself, but there is also reality to keep in mind. And the inevitable happenstance of chance and change and LIFE, which means one never has any idea what will happen between January 1 and December 31. 

Note: noticed today that Spouse has one breakfast burrito left, so guess what one of my chores is tonight? :)

The best months for goals, in my mind, are January and February, and November and December. The hardest parts are the months in-between. Earlier in the year, you believe you have plenty of time, will get back on track, easy peasy to reset - especially if one has a penchant for procrastination. (Who, me?).

A little bit later, autumn let's say, is the prime time for the procrastinator to get that niggly feeling at the base of the skull: you-are-running-out-of-time. And yet, one persists in thinking there is enough time to fit it all in. 

I was pleased with myself for what I did accomplish in 2013, and honestly, it was a successful endeavor to see some of the traps I laid for myself. I know 2014 will present some of the same, and I am ever so rose-coloured-glass-hopeful that I'll have learned a lesson or two, along the way. 

In addition to yearly goals in each facet of my life (wellness, spirit, family, house, professional, financial and travel), I am setting up monthly wellness goals. Partly due to my membership in a super awesome group on the Facebooks, but also the result of a passing conversation I had with my main work-out bud, PM, toward the end of 2013. My monthly goals, if realized, will result in a small reward for myself. So in addition to quarterly looks at my annual goals, I'll also present on my monthly goals too, so you can keep track with me. 

This exercise has two purposes: 
1. for me, accountability. It's kind of squishy for me to first put my goals out there, then extra special squishy when I do, and fail miserably. I am hoping you, dear virtual, generally unseen and unheard reader, keeps me honest. 
2. for you, inspiration (?). Not in the way that I think I am some sort of icon or massive ego or anything even remotely resembling those thoughts. But more in the way, that as much as you keep me honest and accountable - perhaps in my keeping things real here, it inspires you to try something a bit outside of your comfort zone. 

Did you set goals for yourself, either for January or for the whole year? 

Were there other areas you covered, that I didn't? I would love to hear them. 

Whatever you've put in mind for 2014, I hope it comes true!
Thank you for keeping me honest, too, by the way. 

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