Thursday, October 10, 2013

What To Pack for A Very Special Adventure.

After my year of commuting between Ohio and The 'Shire, I became very adept at packing a suitcase. Before then, I tended to over pack, like always bringing that one pair of shoes that never got worn, or that one extra sweater that never got worn. 

I started watching the weather pattern in Dublin a few months ago, since I had no idea what to expect. I knew Ireland, as an island, tends to stay within a range nicely - they never get really cold or really hot, being so far west and right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It appears we'll have weather with highs in high 50's and lows in low 50's, with a smattering of rain here and there. In short, perfect as far as Spouse and I are concerned.

I decided layers is really the way to go - and honestly not that far off how I dress each day. Being a private-school kid my entire secondary education career, I tend to a uniform, even as an adult. I really would appreciate adult Garanimals. I still find it a challenge to dress myself each day, hence why I tend to have a uniform of items - just different colors or textures. 

We'll be moving about, so laundry isn't really an option (I don't think), so I needed a plan to get me through 12-13 days without washing my stuff. 

Basic list of what I'm taking:
- three pairs of shoes, all very comfortable, well-worn, etc. (black, brown, metallic)
- three pairs of jeans
- three short sleeve tees (dark heather gray, white, black)
- two long-sleeved tees (maroon, navy-striped boat-neck)
- four open front cardigans (white, black, olive green,navy)
- one pull-over sweater (dove gray)
- five camis to layer under tees and/or cardigans (white, black, light green, navy, salmon)
- one workout outfit
- one knee-length rain coat
- two scarves (I travel with one around my neck no matter the season)
- one dress, in case we do a "nice" dinner - it's knit so will travel well

I was going to stick with one color palette (black/grays) but decided I have too many fun and comfortable clothes in a rainbow of fun colors, so I can mix it up. 
Here is everything in my favorite baby rolling piece. At this juncture, even though everything does fit nicely, I will bump up to the one size up from this. There are some things I want to buy for myself and others, plus a few folks have given me items to buy, if I can find them at a reasonable price. So  the extra space may come in handy. 

I'm also heading the advice of my lovely friend, Angela, when it comes to other pieces of clothing....she is ever so practical, yet graceful. 

I anticipate schlepping luggage myself between stops and stuff, so the green piece next size up piece is my favorite because it is fun-sized, but the next one up, isn't *that* much larger - just allows a wee bit more real estate. 

Plus, the outfit I am planning on wearing will be one pair of jeans, a cami, a short-sleeved tee, the pull-over sweater (my bulkiest piece), and one of the scarves. 
I've also decided to travel with the majority of my home-made personal toiletries (deo, facial cloths, toothpaste, toner) to see how they do. Could mean a run into the Irish version of CVS, but we'll see. I packed the facial cloths in a plastic baggie, then put the baggie into a snackTAXI, so even if the baggie gets punctured, it won't leak out.  

I'll let you know on the other side of the trip, how I did. If there's something that didn't get worn, if something leaked, if I ran out of something. Fingers crossed!!

Also, 3 hours to take-off!!!

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  1. I never thought about that as being the reason why but yeah I dress the exact same every day too, and I also find clothing choices stressful. Too funny. Super jealous you will love it. Make sure you go to the Aran islands!! And Giant's Causeway! And the Cliffs of Moher!