Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're back. #HappyDays

NOTE: Still a wee bit jet-lagged, so if a sentence doesn't make sense or there are spelling errors, I did edit my work. I'll be back to regular brain power soon. 

To say that Spouse and I had a grand time is an understatement. We were so lucky with all details and arrangements, and no more so than in the folks who comprised our tour guides and fellow adventurers. It's pretty cool to come home and realize you've added friends from Australia, South Africa/Qatar, Canada, Thailand and of course, Ireland into your life. 

I'll write more, in detail, about what we did, saw, drank (first Irish Car Bomb - thanks, Avril!), etc. Thought I'd kick off the recaps with updates on various things I promised I'd report on, upon our return. 

How'd the clothes packing go?
My last post was on what I packed and told y'all I'd let you know how I did. Pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. I wore everything at least once except:
- Workout top and foundation garment
Our second night in Derry was a chillax night for me. It rained or misted all day, including during our walking tour of the city, in the rain, and I was close to my travel wall. Spouse went out for a few pints with our guide, John, and I chillaxed, reading, at the Aberfoyle B&B. So I changed into my workout pants but not the other items. Honestly, with an average daily walking total of 7 miles, pretty sure I got in some exercise. 

- Dress
We had planned to have a nice supper on our last evening in Ireland and we did. But it rained most of the day and I had truly hit my wall that day. Granted it started with a whiskey tasting at Jameson - and those that know me, know I'm not yet a whiskey drinker. The drink(s) coupled with the walking and my various injuries* (remember Spouse calls me Danger Prone Daphne...), and we just wore casual clothes to our new favorite place in Dublin, The Porterhouse Central

How'd the homemade toiletries hold up?
I took two travel bottles of my homemade toner (one larger which I used every day and one small which I kept in my backpack to use as a refresher during the day), homemade toothpaste, homemade deodorant, homemade facial cleansing cloths + a locally made facial soap and serum/moisturizer. The hair gel and finishing pomade that I use, well, they are chocker-block full of chemicals. A girl has to have cute hair. 
Locally made facial soap & serum/moisturizer and my larger bottle of my homemade facial toner
Homemade toothpaste, homemade deo, hair gel & finishing pomade
By last morning in Dublin, I used up the last bit of deodorant and toothpaste but had at least two days' worth of everything else. I still had a few facial cleansing cloths left and half the small bottle of homemade toner which I kept in my backpack. 

My only issue was the deo, being oily, did leak a wee bit in the plastic bag in which I kept the wetter of my toiletries. Not a lot, just enough that most everything had a fine sheen of oils. I may just keep to conventional deo or try and find a more leak-proof container when travelling. Note that these were advertised as leak-proof but.....I think it depends on what you have in them.

Side note: I apparently took all of the homemade deo that I had, so when I returned realized I'm going to have to whip up a new batch. Owel. Conventional deo it is until then. 

I'll be writing more in the coming days, as my jet lag wears off. Here's a little fun from the trip: #He'sGotHisFadder'sGums #DamnYouShaunMurphy

*- I managed to sprain my left calf pretty nicely so that I was hobbling around a bit. 
Also managed to fall out of the shower in Dublin. Which re-sprained the left calf and left a delightful bruise and contusion on my upper right shoulder. Let's just say, the floor in the bathroom was varnished wood (i.e. slippery) and was about 2" farther down than I thought. I'm actually really lucky I didn't give myself a concussion. Scared the dickens outta the Spouse. In hindsight, had to look hilarious. 
Also came home with a wee cold. Hot whiskey is the bomb.  

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