Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So far, I give 2014 a solid D+.

I don't really like to make generalizations or be negative but. Yeah. So. 2014. Can basically suck it at this point. 

To sum up:
- My dad's only sibling, his older sister, died very quickly from cancer that just grabbed onto her liver and didn't let go. The silver lining is it was quick, but she leaves behind a lovely husband, three very nice sons, their lovely wives and five adorable grand-kids. 
Thanksgiving, 2013: My awesome aunt with her husband and grand-kids #3-5
- A friend's dad passed away the night before her birthday, such that she spent said birthday writing his obit and looking at caskets. 
- My dad's BFF took care of her sister for the last week of her life, also someone who died from liver cancer. Oh, and her sister died ON HER BIRTHDAY. 
- A lovely colleague of mine had a house fire that will displace them for 6-8 months. Nobody was injured, it's "just" extensive smoke damage to the house, but still.

All of this in the first 35 days of 2014. 

I do realize in the grand scheme these are but minor blips, others have it so much worse, etc. but, in the immortal words of Cris Carter, "C'mon man!"

So onward, upward, let's move on, shall we? 

I am super behind on my posts. Where to start? Well, here are the other things that happened in January. 

- Awesome visit to my beloved 'Shire over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Ok, mostly awesome, since my aunt died while I was there, and got "snowed in" an extra day, but hey, made it back in time for the family time, and got to see my sweeties one extra day. Anyhoo, more to come on my visit but suffice it to say, super duper pooper scooper fun time. And my liver survived. Woot. 

- Didn't do a lot of cooking but made some delicious things that I'll be blogging about very soon. 

- Work is picking up!!!!! That is part of the delay, because, well, I don't have as much free time as I did before. (It's amazing how much blogging looks like working.........heh heh heh). 

- Our hockey team, the Columbus Blue Jackets had a seriously AWESOME January. Went on a franchise record eight-win-streak, which helped their monthly record of 10 wins and 4 losses. Many of the players had break-out months too. My absolute favorite part is the bromance between our 2013 Vezina Trophy winning goalie, Sergie Bobrovsky and left wing, Nick Folingo. #MoreWinsMoreHugs #Bobigno #HockeyNerd

But I digress. 

Suffice it to say, am behind in my intention of 10 posts a month, but have some things planned. Just hang in there with me. 

Hope January was better for you, dear reader, 
and here's to February looking up!

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