Monday, December 16, 2013

An expensive yogurt batch.

I made a batch of yogurt last night. 

Nothing remarkable about that, really, except that the previous two batches were utter failures, so I felt much relief and joy that *this* batch worked. 

Enter Genius Spouse, who chimed in with, "Sweetie, for your yogurt, do you need consistent temps? Maybe that's the issue, since we turn the furnace down each night". 

Dammit, Beavis. 

He's completely right. I've been wrapping the warmed crock in two thick, nice beach towels, and leaving it to chillax on the kitchen counter, but we like to sleep in a fairly chilly house. Plus even though it's technically not winter until Saturday, it has been winter for a few weeks.

I also suspect my I-have-no-idea-where-I-even-got-it-or-when thermometer may be biting the dust. I was farting around with it while heating the milk on the stove, and it seemed to have differing opinions of temperature at times. I realize I'm imprecise when cooking, but there is a time and place for preciseness. Fermented foods are up there. 

So good news is finally have a batch of yogurt. I figure between the half-gallons of Hartzler milk + starters, this batch cost about $15. Totally worth it though, honestly. 

Also need to consider using my oven as a warming place for my yogies. This makes me nervous because I'm the kind of person who would completely forget there's something in there and pre-heat the dang thing. Beach towels set alight, yogies exploding, house on fire. Spouse would be super crabby.

I think I also need to investigate a new thermometer, so I can be sure I have the temps right. Luckily, that is an easy and not terribly expensive solve. 

The joys of cooking. Honestly, it is the failures that make the rest of it so much more interesting, and lends a feeling of true accomplishment. Especially in this season of cooking and baking, more often than not, for others, not just for ourselves or our households. 

In the light of my third-time-is-a-charm yogurt success, I hope you are:
enjoying this season, 
looking forward to the coming winter season, 
and are having a lot of fun, and success, with the recipes you are cooking and baking!!

Thanks for reading my blog this year, and I hope you keep coming back. 
Who knows what fun successes, and failures, I'll have to share!!


  1. Perhaps a big sign on your oven warning against a yogurt disaster. Earlier this year, I somehow managed to drop a pot holder in the oven and not realize it...I then forgot about the kale chips and the potholder until it was smoking...

    1. While I'm sad that happened to you, it does make me feel a little bit better. Great idea on the sign too - I've thought to also leave the oven light on, so maybe the combination of sign + light on will help :)