Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Thanksgivukkah.

Thanksgiving in one of my favorite holidays. The food is delightful, the concept simple yet elegant, and there's no major decorations/presents/buying crap pressure. 

This year we get the special addition of the first night of Hanukkah, so that November 28 becomes the Super Holiday of Thanksgivukkah. 
You had me at latkes, thanks.
Add in the rest of the winter holidays: Saturnalia, Solstice, Christmas, Festivus (you know for the rest of us), Kwanzaa, Hogmanay/New Year's Eve, New Year's and with all of them falling within 35 days of each other, and it is the express lane of holidays. Pretty interesting.  

While I eschew the commercialism that starts before Hallowe'en and is EVERYWHERE, I do enjoy the real concepts behind these holidays - the common threads no matter which one(s) you celebrate: spending time with those you love, being thankful for all that you have, realizing that not everyone has as much as you or as they need, giving back to those around you who don't have much, and eating & drinking yummy stuff. 

The gratitude bit especially speaks to me. I get bad moods like everyone. I have snits. But I do my best to always come from a place of gratitude and curiosity, such that I am able to see the delightfulness and joy in life, even when things don't seem so rosy. Think of me like PollyAnna, only with a super snarky and nerdy streak. 

Of all the inane social media tricks, one I really enjoy and like, is taking the month of November to list, each day, something for which you are grateful. I've been super lousy at doing it this year, so going to rectify it with this post. I looked back at my FB feed and won't change what I have already posted, but then will add in the remainder of the month, to keep me honest. 

Gratitude, Day 1: I am grateful for the many tools I have to be a healthier me this past year. 

Gratitude, Day 2: Shout out to some of the specific folks playing a part: Mary CurtisPatty MatthewsKrista Ross & Dana Matchem. Thank you so much ladies!

Gratitude, Day 3: I am grateful to being in my kitchen, cooking. I actually missed it while we were on our vacation. Concocted a great ginger & clove syrup + roasted a lot of veggies. <Megg Mass, I promise I will post the recipe, etc. soon!!>

Gratitude, Day 4: I am thankful today for warm blankets & soft tissues.

Gratitude, Day 5: Grateful for lots of veggies & hot beverages, all w/vitamins & minerals so I can get rid of my toxic snot (potential band name courtesy of Tammy Savage).

Gratitude, Day 6: IL for voting FOR marriage equality and movies, like "The Birdcage" which show us we still have a long way to go (but we'll get there).

Gratitude, Day 7: Super duper pooper scooper happy that toxic snot has abated so I can leave the house. And keeping the Peggy Vasquez family, esp little DR, in my happy thoughts!

Gratitude, Days 8-10: My tribe, my friends, my soul family (mo anam muintir). Those of you who are not of my blood, but are of my soul. Too many to mention and tag but worth, at the very least, 3 days of stored up thanks. (OK, will tag one: Ashley Schafer). Thank all of you for pushing me & supporting me & caring for me. It means more than words can impart.

Gratitude, Day 11: Thank you to the men & women who have served our country, like my big brother. And mindfully remembering those who have given their life. I appreciate you very much. May we know peace, more than times of war & fear.
This is my "big" brother in his U.S. Army uniform.
Gratitude, Day 12: Grateful to have married into such wonderful families. Thank you Humphrey, Vallade, & Kuhner clans. I really adore the whole lot of you!!

Gratitude, Day 13: This may seem silly but I'm really glad for a sense of humor and for a sense of snarkiness. It really helps sometimes to just laugh at the absurd or retort with sassiness.

Gratitude, Day 14: twice in the past week I have been delighted to catch up w/amazing friends - both of whom I think of everyday, but don't talk to nearly as often or enough. So I am grateful to have people in my life who I can pick up a conversation w/no awkwardness or breaks. More grateful than I can put into words.

Gratitude, Day 15: Thankful to have my one <biological> sibling, my Bratty Baby Sister, Erin Nash. She's super fun, we share a brain, and is always there for me when I need her. I wish we lived a little bit closer to each other but other than that, I am super duper, pooper scooper lucky to have her around, mainly to remind me <every single month> when her birthday is.

Gratitude, Day 16: stealing a cue from Josh Harraman. I love the city in which I live, where in 24 hours I can attend a NHL game, an alternative craft fair ( Craftin' Outlaws), a Justin Timberlake concert AND eat at two fabulous locally owned, operated & generally sourced restaurants, (Dirty Frank's & Martini's). Insiders' Guide To Columbus, Columbus is the best city!!! — with Steve Humphrey. Addition: ate at another locally owned, operated and generally sourced restaurant, Starliner Diner, for Sunday brunch. It was also fantastic!!

Gratitude, Days 17-19: I'm behind in my thanks but, especially after seeing weather destroy the Philippines and parts of the midwest on Sunday, I am super, multi-day thankful for all that I have. I have so much more than I need and cherish all of it, knowing how little a lot of people have in their lives.

So here's where I pick up to get somewhat current:
Gratitude, Day 20: Thankful for my blood kin, the Nash and Orsborn families. Y'all are kinda crazy (mainly the Orsborn side) but I so appreciate all of you. We are very far apart, Orsborn side, and wish we were all closer. To my Nash kin, I'm really looking forward to celebrating Thanksgivukkah with all of you and welcoming the newest addition to the family!

Gratitude, Day 21: already was grateful for Bratty Sister, but since November 21 is her actual birthday, I'll just say, I am grateful for birthdays - doesn't matter whose birthday. In general, a birthday is a day to celebrate someone in my life and say, I'm glad you are here.  That's just not a bad thing at all. 

Gratitude, Day 22: Today, I am grateful for education. On this, the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death, I was reminded of the many programs he put into place and the focus he placed on education. Because of his passion for education and people working for something bigger than themselves, we put men on the moon and launched The Peace Corps. 

Gratitude, Day 23: Grateful for sports. I know, kinda weird, but fall is one of my favorite seasons because of sports. And with sports, comes marching bands, and there is none quite as awesome as The Best Damn Band In The Land. If you haven't seen them on the news, morning programs, and/or social media the last few months, you may live under a rock. They have made it so big, that The Onion posted a "story" on them. 

Gratitude, Days Day 24-28: You know you've been waiting for it....I am grateful for my Spouse, Stevo. He is the macaroni to my cheese, the cream to my coffee, the Bert to my Ernie, the jelly to my peanut butter - my perfect complement. I have no earthly idea why he chose me, or why he puts up with me, but I am DAMN happy that he does. This man knows me better than I know myself - and still likes me, let alone loves me. 

Without him, I'd be sad, crabby, not so optimistic woman. 
And without me, he'd be wandering around aimlessly, wondering who was going to make his breakfast burritos :) Just kidding. Kind of.

Gratitude, Day 29: Grateful that I do not shop on this day (not even going to name it). This day is a huge reason humans are materialistic, selfish, entitled sons of beetches. This day is the reason commercialism thrives, and mom & pop places are losing ground to shitty, asshole employers like Wal-Fart. Go forth and find someone local to purchase handmade, homemade and heart sent presents. Or get off your butt and do it yourself. 

Don't be a dick - shop local. 

Gratitude, Day 30: Today is Small Business Saturday. Read Gratitude, Day 29 and find somewhere local to you to visit. Or bake homemade cookies. Or read a book to a kid. 

I wish each and every one of you safe travels, yummy food, delightful company and NO MALLS for the remainder of November. 

>steps off of soapbox and drops mic<

For what are you thankful?
Do you keep a tally or a list?
Do you keep it every day, not just in November? 

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