Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holy Epic Weekend, Batman.

Geezy pete: I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Here are the highlights:
1. Friday night: Columbus Blue Jackets game with our BFFs. Our boys lost but in a shootout so we'll kindly take the one point, thankyouverymuch.
2. Saturday afternoon: Craftin' Outlaws at Vet's Memorial and post-shopping nosh at Dirty Frank's
3. Saturday night: Dinner at Martini's Modern Italian and Justin Timberlake concert at Nationwide Arena. 
4. Sunday morning: Brunch at Starliner Diner
5. Sunday late afternoon: 40th birthday party for Bratty Sister at Casa Nueva, in Athens, OH.

Add in house-guests! And baking! And driving through the horrendous storms Sunday night that swept through the Middle West! (Man, did we luck out around here, comparatively speaking!)


Got about half of my holiday shopping done at Craftin' Outlaws, which was wicked awesome. This show is one of the only times where Spouse and I both have a great time shopping. Lil' wife, here, doesn't really enjoy the shopping part of life. Yes, I know it's weird. 

Vendors from whom we purchased items (in no particular order): The Social DepartmentBarmaid SoapSuper Black LacquersBeanie StalkLab PartnersJen TownsendMaria Snell, Tweedle Swamp Pottery, Made by Amy DNo Place Like NerdCellar Door Soap & Skin.
Stuff I bought for myself :)
We visited all of the booths, made a button with Mike of What The Rock!, ran into fellow members of The Arts' Fest Mafia (AFM, for short) and generally had a fabulous time. 

Justin Timberlake was part of Bratty Sister's 40th Birthday present. Here's my dealio on Mr. Timberlake: I missed the boy band era of the 90s (BackStreets, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, etc.) but he's proven to be quite a funny, self-deprecating, fairly talented, and not unattractive young man.

The first half of the show was swell but much more engaging (for me) after the 10-minute intermission. First of all, the front part of the stage rose about 20+ feet in the air. And then rolled to almost all the way the to back of the arena. On pneumatics. Over the peeps who were in seats on the floor of the arena. Which meant Mr. Timberlake was - at most - 40-50 feet away from us, as we were sitting on the side in the permanent seats. HELLO. Pretty damn cool, sir. Pretty.Damn.Cool. 

Bratty Sister's soul sisters from Brooklyn and Philly came in for the weekend so they stayed at the Chez and had brunch with us. Then the group of us met up with family members and a bunch of Bratty Sister's cool buds from Athens, and generally had an awesome time, eating scrumptious treats from Casa Nueva and toasting my super fabulous sister. 
The beautiful Birfday Princess!!
Fascinator and birthday button courtesy
of friends of the Birthday Girl 
If you are in the area, do yourself a huge favor and stop by. Casa is worker-owned, sources as much of the foods and beverages from local farmers, producers, etc. as they can, and in 2012, instituted a no tip policy. Yes, their pricing increased ever so slightly but worth it. When they do receive extra from diners, they donate to local charities. The sign at the host stand, told me they have donated over $22,000 since September, 2012. That's pretty damn cool. 

As for the other three dining locations, all are independently owned, operated and sourced, and located in Columbus. There are too many awesome, local places to bother with the likes of Crapplebee's or other joints. 

Friends from Brooklyn and Philly left on Monday morning :( and now it's just back to every day life. Ho hum. 

Come this time next week, I'll probably be clamoring for an adventure of some kind, but today, looking forward to the end of the week, and chillaxing at the Chez.

Anybody begin holiday shopping 
or do something fun this weekend?  

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