Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quiet is good.

My friend, John and I have a yearly conversation on the switch from summer to fall. We met as awkward, doe-eyed freshman, lo many decades ago, and still find that we have a physical connection to the moment when the weather, circadian rhythms and/or consciousness changes from summer to fall. It's a connection to our friendship and those young, fairly stupid, wide-eyed kids we were. 

"Remember when we'd sit by the pond outside Harshman for hours?" 
"Remember running around the mall to try and outsmart that stupid mall machine?"
"Remember how I always managed to wear a white t-shirt on spaghetti day in the caf?"

I'm not altogether certain it has happened, but I feel it coming. Schools are in session. I've noticed a few trees are already losing their leaves. Pumpkin flavored beer is available at your local dispensaries of spirits. So it's pending....

And maybe because it's the Labor Day Weekend, with three whole days off. <sigh> Fall is coming. 

I love fall. Autumn. The colors, the crispness. Spouse & I were married in the fall. Football and hockey return in the fall. The aforementioned pumpkin flavored everything returns. Leaves, apples, cider, pumpkin, cool mornings, open windows. The smells as nature turns from growing to decaying and readying for the cold and snow. <sigh>

It never lasts as long as I want. There's a quietness that accompanies the fall. The realization of things turning. To every season and all that. We prepare - mentally and physically - for the quietness that is winter, when we burrow in our homes and dream of sunshine and flowers and color again. <sigh>

Chez Nash Humphrey has been wonderfully alive the last few weeks with house guests. Brothers, sisters, cousins, niece, nephews. Big people, little people. We love the bustle and hosting and showing folk around this city we really do love. Then the quiet. <sigh>

After a burst of physical activity and chores before noon-ish, Spouse & I have been reveling in the quiet. There was a yummy lunch made: tacos with the smorgasbord of ingredients laid out on the kitchen island. Haven't made them in a while and they tasted so yummy. Spouse went back for extras - something he doesn't do much these days. 

There was the first football game of the season for our hometown team. A weirdly lopsided victory (why do the first games always seem so ill-matched? <money - grrrrrr>) but we still enjoyed seeing our team victorious. 

Then a delightful nap because we could. Light supper (remember we do protein bar and protein shake), me reading, Spouse playing video games. Nowhere to be, no one to have to see. Quiet. <sigh>

Tomorrow, we'll dive into the short to-dos we want to accomplish, see some friends who have returned from what looks like a great vacation. But today, it's quiet. <sigh>

I'm ready for you, Fall. <sigh>

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  1. You are one of my favorite people.