Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A weekend at home means cooking. WOOT!

For the past two weekends, we've been gallivanting about - drinking micro-brews, visiting with old friends, meeting new friends, and jamming out to some seriously awesome music. Posts to come on all the fun we've had. 

Needless to say, zilcho has gotten accomplished on the home front - although Spouse was Master Launderer on one of his vacation days, so at least we have clean knickers, eh?

We have a local farmer, who stops by my workplace, once a week in August to sell his homegrown beefsteak tomatoes and melons. It's a total bargain for homegrown 'maters: 3 for $1 American dollar. I picked up 6 nice looking ones today. No melons because I'm the only one that will eat them and I'm expecting good stuff in my CSA bag tomorrow. 
Farmer Dave 'maters - yummmmmeeeeeee
On the to-cook list this weekend:
  • Roasted tomatoes from the cherry ones I'll get in my CSA bag tomorrow
  • Tomato sauce from the 6 Farmer Dave tomatoes I just bought (+ herbs from my garden)
  • For lunch next week: wild rice, quinoa & spinach casserole (recipe coming soon)
  • Yogurt - my Green Bean Delivery every two weeks includes 2 half gallons of Hartzler's Dairy Milk
  • Tzatziki because my CSA bag will have cukes in it
  • If I'm feeling super cuckoo, maybe homemade pita (from Frugal By Choice, Cheap by Necessity)
We'll see how far I actually get as this is a fairly ambitious list and we do have social engagements and all. I also need to spend some time with my baby garden. It hasn't rained much this week and I'm sure all my plants are thirsty. Reason #2 why I'm really a horrible gardener. Owel.

Are you thinking about your plans for the weekend? 
Any cooking or baking in store?

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