Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Um, yeah. I don't *do* spiders.

Quick note. I was enjoying myself in my kitchen: listening to quality tunage, boiling potatoes for potato salad, slicing strawberries to freeze (1st qt.) and eat (2nd qt.) and MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS...


in the bottom of the second quart, was a SPIDER. Kinda drowning b/c I had washed them (of course) and was letting them drain a wee bit. 

But yikes. 

Mr. Spider is now living (eek!) in the bottom of my trash can. It's not like I could kill him.

I should note there was no girlish shriek (actually no utterance of any kind as I recall), or hopping. There may have been a few hand shakes (the eww-gross-get-it-offa-me kind). And I am vaguely itchy all over as I type. 

Ugh. Back to my chores. Smell ya laters, peeps.

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